About Ardour Academy

Welcome to the website and thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit about what we do.

Ardour was set up in 2018 and has been providing services to individuals and businesses in order to promote positive physical and mental health through psycho-education, stress management, self-awareness and physical activities.

High levels of stress and poor levels of self-care can cause an imbalance in our physical and mental wellbeing. This can lead to lack of motivation low levels of concentration, high levels of anxiety and low moods.
Our mission is to offer a variety of services that are accessible to individuals and businesses, including:
– Counselling
– Supervision
– Stress management courses
– Wellbeing at work courses
– A wide range of physical activities including: dance and yoga
– Mindfulness courses and much more.
Our courses, classes and workshops for individuals are constantly updated.
Please take a look at our timetable, and we hope you find a class tat suits you.

If you are an employer please visit our workplace well-being page for more information.