Ardour Academy, Cardiff - Mind, Body and Soul

A not for profit Organisation
Here at Ardour Academy we firmly believe in a balanced way of living, and that’s why we view our academy as having three distinct components: “Mind, Body and Soul”.

Within our Cardiff dance centre we hold classes, workshops and courses that would benefit general fitness and would promote physical, emotional, psychological and emotional well-being.

Our team have carefully selected approachable, skilful and empowering teachers to deliver a variety of dance style and fitness classes, as well as experienced practitioners delivering weekly yoga classes, and regular mindfulness and mental well-being courses.

A distinctive part of Ardour Academy includes life coaching and counselling session with experienced and accredited counsellors and psychotherapist which can be booked in advance.

Ardour Academy
We view the “soul” aspect of the Academy present in the sense of community we have created and the coffee shop and bar area where members and participants can enjoy a relaxing and fun time before and after a classes.

Have a look at our timetable, and keep an eye an eye out for our pop-up workshops and courses. You won’t be disappointed!