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Salsa course: Bridge the gap – July

Salsa course: Bridge the gap – July




Salsa course: Bridge the gap

This is a “bridge the gap” course over 2×1.5hr session aimed at the beginners who have been dancing for a while but need a confidence boost to join the more advanced classes.

The course will be held on Wednesday 3rd and 10th July 2024 at 8.30pm with Andy.

£25 for the course

£15 per session

This is a Non-refundable purchase

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Salsa course: Bridge the gap

Andy Witt is known for his immense contribution to the Salsa scene in Cardiff and for bringing fun, energy and enthusiasm to his classes. One not to be missed!!

If you are completely new to salsa, one if our Adour team will be showing you the basics and preparing you to join the main class over a few weeks.

You can bring a partner or come alone. You are welcome to wear a mask upon arrival and throughout, if you prefer. Hand sanitizers are dotted around the room, please use them as you swap partners.

Our bar serves a range of drinks and takes card payment only.

We look forward to having you ☺️☺️

Ardour Academy hosts an electrifying event known as "Salsa Night with Andy Witt," perfectly in line with their mission of connecting people through the arts. Situated in the heart of Cardiff on Wellfield Road, this event celebrates Latin music and dance.

"Salsa Night with Andy Witt" offers a vibrant atmosphere filled with music, dance, and socializing. It's a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the rhythms of Latin music and enjoy a lively evening.

The event often includes dance lessons led by instructor Andy Witt, ensuring that participants of all levels can join in the fun. It's not just a night of dance; it's a social gathering that fosters connections among those who appreciate Latin culture.

Ardour Academy's dedication to promoting cultural diversity and artistic expression shines through in "Salsa Night with Andy Witt." It's a regular celebration of Latin culture, music, and dance that unites people in the heart of the Welsh capital, creating memorable moments and lasting connections.

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Note! Unless we cancel the class or you are advised to self-isolate by Track & Trace, we do not offer refunds or credits exchange on our classes.

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