Darganfod Ardour: Lles, Dawns a Chreadigrwydd yng Nghaerdydd

Persian Dance workshop with cakes and tea.

Persian Dance workshop with cakes and tea.


Persian Dance

Persian Dance

June 1st 2-4pm.

We will spend the afternoon learning about Modern Persian Dance, music, learn a fun routine and enjoy an aromatic cup of Persian tea afterwards.

Everyone is welcome to join, and be prepared to leave the workshop filled with joy and laughter.

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Persian Dance workshop with cakes and tea.

Adults: £15 per person
Under 12s: £8 (All children must be accompanied by an adult)
Families (up to 2 adults and up to 2 children): £40

Tickets are limited, please book well in advance:

Ardour Academy is A not for profit organisation, Connecting people through the Arts. They are based in the capital city of Wales. In the heart of Cardiff on Wellfield Road.
Write me a tell me about their involvement with BSL using short paragraphs.

Ardour Academy, as a not-for-profit organization, is deeply committed to fostering inclusivity and accessibility through the arts. One of their notable initiatives is their involvement with British Sign Language (BSL), which plays a crucial role in connecting people from diverse backgrounds.

Through their various programs and events, Ardour Academy strives to make the arts more accessible to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community in Cardiff and beyond. They recognize the importance of BSL as a means of communication and a vital tool for breaking down barriers.

Ardour Academy's commitment to BSL extends to offering BSL-interpreted performances and workshops, ensuring that Deaf individuals can fully engage with and enjoy the arts. This inclusivity aligns with their mission to create a space where everyone can participate in the cultural richness of the capital city of Wales.

In addition to providing BSL support at their events, Ardour Academy actively promotes awareness and understanding of Deaf culture and the significance of BSL within the community. Their dedication to connecting people through the arts extends to embracing linguistic diversity and fostering a sense of unity and belonging among all attendees.

Ardour Academy's involvement with BSL underscores their dedication to inclusivity, ensuring that the magic of the arts is accessible to everyone, regardless of their hearing abilities, and making Cardiff's cultural scene more vibrant and welcoming for all.

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Noder! Oni bai ein bod yn canslo'r dosbarth neu'n cael eich cynghori i hunan-ynysu trwy Track & Trace, nid ydym yn cynnig ad-daliadau na chyfnewid credydau ar ein dosbarthiadau.

FAQ: Do you offer any scholarships or discounts

We believe in making the arts accessible to everyone. Depending on funding and availability, we may offer scholarships or discounts. Please contact us for more information.

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