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As the founder of Ardour Academy Sara and her team offer counselling sessions, as well as regular courses on a variety of topics such as:



Self-awareness and

Healthy relationships

You may have existing experiences of counselling, or be completely new to counselling, nonetheless we are here to support you with any worries you may be having.

We have experience of working with young people, as well as adults on a variety issues. We never pretend to have all the answers, but we do promise to offer a professional and supportive service and we are always honest about our strengths and our limitations.

We have vast amount of experience and knowledge, and we work with a variety of other professionals and agencies.

We can always offer you support and guidance with any areas that may not fall under our expertise. The important thing is to remember that you are not alone, and we are here to help in any way we can.


At Ardour Academy we are passionate about working with the community to raise awareness about mental health issues. We can offer individuals, as well as businesses, educational workshops and sessions on emotional and psychological well-being.

Sara is a BACP accredited counsellor and a fully qualified teacher, and has got extensive experience in delivering sessions in schools, colleges and organisations including Cardiff Crown Court.

If you feel like you or your organisation would benefit from any of the services above, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will answer any questions you may have.



At Ardour we are proud to have something for everyone, whether you are interested in fitness, love to learn a bit of Tango or Ballroom, or you would rather relax with a Yoga class.
Do whatever that makes you happy, and we are here to offer you a big variety.

We also offer pop-up workshops once a month, where we invite experienced national and international teachers on a variety of dance and fitness genres.

Keep an eye on our website and have a look at our time-table for the weekly classes.

You can also have a look at our “Teachers page”, and get to know who would be taking the classes. All our teachers are one of the best in their fields and deliver fun, friendly and high standard classes.


We don’t view our fitness classes as just a way to stay fit; we also recognise the importance of making friends, meeting new like-minded people and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Having a café/bar area may feel like an add-on to the dance studio but in our view it’s the heart of it all!

It’s an escapism, your place to relax before and after classes, hold conversations and connect with yourself and others. We view Ardour as an ever growing family, and we welcome you with open arms.

Keep an eye on the website for some of the interesting events that are coming up.


“Ardour is a wonderful addition to the Cardiff arts community- they offer a great selection of classes to suit all abilities and interests, competitive prices and a warm, inviting space. What really makes them stand out however are how passionate Ardour’s owners are about creating a space that is welcoming and inclusive :)” – Jessie Brooks

“Mind” at Ardour Academy: Cultivating Intellectual Growth and Creativity

Ardour Academy’s motto, “Mind, Body, Soul,” embodies the organization’s holistic approach to connecting people through the arts. When they refer to “Mind,” they are emphasizing the importance of intellectual growth, creativity, and the nurturing of cognitive abilities through artistic exploration.

1. Intellectual Stimulation:

At Ardour Academy, the “Mind” represents the intellectual facet of an individual’s well-being. Engaging in artistic activities, whether it’s painting, music, literature, or dance, stimulates the mind. These creative pursuits challenge individuals to think critically, solve problems, and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

2. Lifelong Learning:

Ardour Academy recognizes that learning is a lifelong journey, and the “Mind” component of their motto encourages continuous intellectual growth. They offer a variety of educational programs and classes that cater to learners of all ages and skill levels. These classes provide opportunities for individuals to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills in the arts.

3. Creative Thinking:

Creativity is at the heart of the “Mind” aspect. The arts foster creative thinking and encourage individuals to approach challenges with innovative solutions. Whether it’s composing a piece of music, crafting a visual masterpiece, or choreographing a dance routine, the process of creation requires imaginative thinking and problem-solving.

4. Self-Expression:

Ardour Academy understands that self-expression is a crucial aspect of intellectual and emotional growth. Through artistic outlets, individuals can convey their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives in unique ways. This self-expression is not limited to traditional forms of communication but extends to the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic languages of the arts.

5. Cultural Enrichment:

The “Mind” at Ardour Academy also encompasses cultural enrichment. Exploring different art forms and cultural traditions broadens one’s horizons, fosters cultural awareness, and encourages open-mindedness. Engaging with diverse artistic expressions helps individuals develop a more profound appreciation for the richness of human culture.

6. Critical Reflection:

Art often prompts individuals to reflect critically on themselves and society. Whether it’s a thought-provoking painting, a poignant piece of literature, or a powerful dance performance, the arts challenge individuals to examine their beliefs, values, and perceptions. This process of critical reflection deepens intellectual growth and self-awareness.

7. Building Connections:

Ardour Academy believes that the arts have the power to connect people intellectually. Through collaborative projects, discussions, and shared creative experiences, individuals come together to exchange ideas and perspectives. This intellectual exchange fosters a sense of community and promotes dialogue.

8. Encouraging Lifelong Creativity:

Ardour Academy’s emphasis on the “Mind” extends beyond formal education. They encourage individuals to carry the spirit of creativity and intellectual growth with them throughout their lives. Whether it’s pursuing a lifelong passion for the arts or simply appreciating art in its various forms, the academy aims to inspire a love for intellectual and creative exploration.

In conclusion, when Ardour Academy speaks of “Mind” in their motto, they are celebrating the intellectual growth and creativity that the arts can inspire. They encourage individuals to engage in lifelong learning, creative thinking, self-expression, and critical reflection. The “Mind” at Ardour Academy represents the intellectual dimension of a well-rounded and enriched life, where the arts play a central role in nurturing the mind and fostering connections within the community.

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Ardour Academy is a A not for profit organisation, Connecting people through the Arts. 
They are based in the capital city of Wales. In the heart of Cardiff on Wellfield Road.
Our Projects at Ardour Academy: Fostering Creativity and Community through Inspiring Projects.

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