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British Sign Language (BSL)

British Sign Language (BSL)

BSL poster written by our Deaf Participants

Some suggestions to ensure we welcome deaf participants compassionately:

  • Make an effort: Smile and wave hello. 
  • Wait until the person is looking at you before you start to communicate.
  • Face the person, with the light facing you. 
  • Always mention the topic first: e.g. Point at the cake and look at the person and ask “want a slice?” or even better, learn how to sign “want”.  
  • Be responsive: nod and use gestures.
  • Speak clearly and slightly slower but don’t shout or over-enunciate as this will distort lip patterns. 
  • Learn to Sign your name: lots of Ardour staff know BSL; ask us and we’d be happy to help.
  • Maintain eye contact: Some deaf friends may have BSL communication support, this is to help with inclusion. Try talking directly to the deaf person, rather than the support person. 
  • Include deaf people in conversations: BSL is a visual language, so try and demonstrate your point visually without feeling embarrassed. Such as making gestures, pointing and learning some key BSL phrases. 
  • Don’t aim for perfection: Be present and kind. It is ok to get things wrong and making the effort is far more important. It is important to TRY! 
  • Be patient: if you are struggling to communicate, take a deep breath and start again. Don’t say “never mind” and move on. Sometimes you can write a word down or try a different way of communication. Stay present and connected. 
  • Be aware that Deaf culture and hearing culture are quite different, including the social
  • norms.
  • Deaf people will look for facial clues when they meet you, so a happy, smiling, good to see.

you face is far better than an avoidant or panicky face. 

  • Ardour will be offering Basic BSL sessions soon: let us know if you’d like to sign up for our short courses.

Together we can breakdown historic barriers and make our community a safe, creative and enjoyable place for all.


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“Contemporary with Mike has been really beneficial to my wellbeing and getting to feel grounded. “I’ve enjoyed the challenge of moving my body with purpose in a safe space with others, free of judgement of ability and experience.

Butterfly Soup sessions have been meditative and calming. I particularly enjoy the expressing of our stories through body language, allowing us to build connection within ourselves and between other Queer humans.” – Mica, on Monday classes

Ardour Academy’s Inclusive Initiatives: Fostering Connection Through Sign Language

Ardour Academy, a nonprofit organization located in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, is dedicated to promoting inclusivity within the arts. Their mission revolves around ensuring that everyone, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds, can participate in and benefit from the transformative power of creativity. One standout aspect of Ardour Academy’s inclusive initiatives is their commitment to Sign Language.

**1. Sign Language Classes for All Ages:

Ardour Academy recognizes the importance of breaking down communication barriers and creating a sense of belonging for the Deaf and hard of hearing communities. To achieve this, they offer comprehensive sign language classes for individuals of all ages. These classes cater to various proficiency levels, from beginners learning the basics of sign language to advanced learners striving for fluency.

**2. Empowering Deaf Individuals:

Ardour Academy’s sign language classes empower Deaf individuals by equipping them with a valuable skill that enhances their ability to communicate effectively. Proficiency in sign language not only facilitates day-to-day interactions but also opens doors to education, employment, and community engagement. It is a tool for self-expression, enabling Deaf individuals to share their thoughts, emotions, and stories more fully.

**3. Promoting Inclusivity and Awareness:

By offering sign language classes, Ardour Academy goes beyond accommodating Deaf individuals; they actively promote inclusivity and raise awareness about the importance of sign language in our diverse society. These classes encourage hearing participants to learn sign language, fostering a deeper understanding of Deaf culture and bridging the communication gap between the Deaf and hearing communities.

**4. Creating a Supportive Environment:

Ardour Academy ensures that their sign language classes are conducted in a safe and welcoming environment. They understand that learning a new language, especially one as critical as sign language, can be an intimidating experience. Therefore, they have created a supportive atmosphere where individuals feel encouraged to ask questions, practice, and grow in their sign language proficiency.

**5. Integration with Arts Programs:

Ardour Academy’s innovative approach extends to integrating sign language into various aspects of their arts programs, making the arts accessible to all. This integration includes sign-interpreted performances, sign language-themed art exhibitions, and even sign language-infused music and dance classes. By doing so, Ardour Academy reinforces the idea that the arts are for everyone and that creativity knows no boundaries.

**6. Sign Language Performances and Showcases:

In addition to their classes, Ardour Academy also hosts sign language performances and showcases. These events feature Deaf performers and artists who use sign language as a medium of artistic expression. Audiences are treated to an array of performances, including sign language poetry readings, theatrical productions, and visual art exhibitions, all of which highlight the beauty and richness of sign language as an art form.

**7. Educational Outreach:

Ardour Academy extends its commitment to sign language inclusivity beyond its physical location in Cardiff. They actively engage in educational outreach programs, partnering with local schools, community centers, and organizations to introduce sign language to a wider audience. These initiatives not only empower individuals with a new skill but also promote understanding and acceptance of Deaf culture.

**8. Advocacy for Accessibility:

By championing sign language and its integration into the arts, Ardour Academy serves as an advocate for accessibility in the broader community. They raise awareness about the need for accessible facilities, services, and programs, urging other organizations to follow their lead in making the arts truly inclusive.

In conclusion, Ardour Academy’s sign language offerings exemplify their unwavering commitment to connecting people through the arts in the most inclusive and meaningful ways. By providing sign language classes, promoting awareness, integrating sign language into the arts, and advocating for accessibility, Ardour Academy is not only fostering communication but also forging a more inclusive and empathetic society where the arts are a bridge that unites all individuals, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds. Their dedication to the Deaf and hard of hearing communities serves as an inspiring model for how the arts can truly connect us all.

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