We don’t view our fitness classes as just a way to stay fit; we also recognise the importance of making friends, meeting new like-minded people and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Having a café/bar area may feel like an add-on to the dance studio but in our view it’s the heart of it all!

It’s an escapism, your place to relax before and after classes, hold conversations and connect with yourself and others. We view Ardour as an ever growing family, and we welcome you with open arms.

Keep an eye on the website for some of the interesting events that are coming up.




When Ardour Academy proudly proclaims the motto “Mind, Body, Soul,” it encapsulates a profound commitment to the holistic development of individuals through the arts. The word “Soul” in this motto represents a core aspect of the human experience that transcends the physical and intellectual realms, delving into the depths of emotion, spirituality, and creative expression. Here’s an exploration of what “Soul” signifies within the context of Ardour Academy:

1. Emotional Expression and Connection:

The “Soul” dimension in Ardour Academy’s motto speaks to the profound emotional resonance that the arts can evoke. It acknowledges that art has the power to stir deep emotions, whether it be through a moving piece of music, a poignant painting, or a heartfelt performance. The academy encourages individuals to tap into their emotional landscapes, using art as a means of expression and connection with their own feelings and those of others.

2. Self-Discovery and Authenticity:

Within the “Soul” aspect, Ardour Academy emphasizes the journey of self-discovery. Engaging with the arts enables individuals to explore their innermost thoughts, desires, and experiences. Through creative expression, they can access a deeper understanding of themselves and cultivate authenticity in their artistic endeavors and personal lives.

3. Spirituality and Transcendence:

“Soul” also alludes to the spiritual dimension of the human experience. The arts have long been intertwined with spirituality, offering a means of connecting with the transcendent and exploring profound questions about existence, purpose, and meaning. Ardour Academy recognizes that artistic expression can be a spiritual practice for many, providing a channel to connect with the intangible aspects of life.

4. Creativity as a Soulful Journey:

Creativity is often described as a soulful journey. It involves tapping into one’s innermost creative wellsprings and channeling them into artistic works. Ardour Academy encourages individuals to embrace their creative potential and embark on this soulful journey, nurturing their artistic voices and allowing their souls to shine through their creations.

5. Fostering Empathy and Compassion:

The “Soul” dimension also relates to empathy and compassion. Engaging with the arts allows individuals to step into the shoes of others, to understand their perspectives, and to feel the emotions they convey. Through this empathetic connection, the academy encourages individuals to cultivate compassion for others and the world at large.

6. Building Community and Unity:

Ardour Academy recognizes that the “Soul” dimension extends beyond individual experiences. It also encompasses the collective soul of a community. The arts have the power to bring people together, fostering a sense of unity and shared identity. By creating a space where individuals can connect through artistic expression, the academy contributes to the development of a vibrant and soulful artistic community.

7. Lifelong Fulfillment and Enrichment:

Finally, the “Soul” aspect of the motto underscores the enduring fulfillment and enrichment that the arts bring to people’s lives. Engaging with the arts is not limited to a specific age or stage of life; it is a lifelong journey that continues to nourish the soul, providing joy, meaning, and a sense of purpose throughout one’s existence.

In essence, when Ardour Academy embraces the term “Soul” in its motto, it emphasizes the profound impact of the arts on the human spirit. It encourages individuals to explore their emotional depths, embark on a soulful journey of self-discovery, connect with the transcendent, and contribute to the collective soul of a vibrant artistic community. “Mind, Body, Soul” is a reminder that the arts are not just an intellectual or physical pursuit but a deeply soul-enriching and transformative experience that enriches lives and connects people in the most profound ways.

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