The timetable will include Ballet, Contemporary, Kizomba, Zouk, Ballroom, Tango, Afro Brazilian Dance, Yoga and so much more to look after your mind and body.


06:00PM: Contempoary dance with Jack

07:15PM: Contemporary dance performance group** (from 15th Feb 2021)


06:00PM: Yoga with Danielle (TBC for 2021)


06:00PM: Grounding yoga and mindfulness with Mat

08:00PM:Love My Body
– Salsa Class (early 2021)


06:30PM: Butterfly Soup LGBTQ+ exclusive Movement Project (from 11th Feb 2021)

[replay] Contempoary dance with Jack (72 hours later)


Keep an eye on our workshops and rehearsals


[replay] Belly Dancing with Sophie

Cardiff is a fantastic and creative city and is a host to many amazing dancers, teachers and instructors. We have launched this project to celebrate dance, well-being and fitness in a friendly and professional environment, bringing a number of local, national and international teachers and instructors together.

We have deliberately chosen to open the centre on Wellfield Road Cardiff, based near the beautiful Roath Park which is surrounded by a busy and vibrant environment.

There is a beautiful coffee shop/bar attached, where we will look after your Soul. There will also be a number of well-being courses and retreat days so keep an eye out on our Events page.

Events with Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba will also be held as “pop-up workshops”, tailored towards technique and musicality. These workshops will be posted on our Facebook Events Page.

*For Mundo classes contact Alexa directly:

**Our contempoary group is working towards a performance piece and welcomes individuals from different levels. Under 18’s will need parental/guardian permission to join this class.

***We are making a short film with our film makers called “Isolation warriors”. This project encourages dancers and non-dancers to take part. It’s you response to a track which we will send to you. You’ll film your movement and send it to us. This is to encourage a different way of connecting with each other.

****we try to make our classes as inclusive as possible so we are happy to offer hardship passes which will offer free passes to most of our classes for anyone unable to fund their classes.
If you have a serious injury or disability, and wish to take part in our classes please let us know and we would be happy to offer a consultation with our director.

stay safe - stay alert - stay active