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Butterfly Soup 2024: Creative Queer Meet-ups – May 20th

Butterfly Soup 2024: Creative Queer Meet-ups – May 20th


Butterfly Soup

Butterfly Soup

20th of May BfS session with Fay:
“The session will be movement based. We will look at our bones, attune to ourselves and our selves in relation to the other.”

We are proud to announce that we have received funding again to offer our amazing “Butterfly Soup” Project.

Butterfly Soup is a “creative queer space that brings us together, connects us and provides opportunities for us to get creative”. We also welcome LGBTQIA allies.

This space is donation-based, via our website. You can select any amount from £0-£5. We want to make sure this space is as accessible as possible.

We hope you can join us!

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Creative Queer Meet-ups

We will meet weekly between February and June, and monthly in the summer.
On the 22nd of June we have a celebration day, where everyone who’s taken part in the project (participants and facilitators) comes along. We have the best day dancing, celebrating and feeling joyful. We capture parts of that day through photography and exhibit it on the walls. You can see last year’s exhibition when you pop into the studio. You can choose not to be in front of the camera, or just attend the sessions and not the Celebration Day. We handle everyone’s needs as sensitively as possible.

Our Funders:
Butterfly Soup is Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised through Health Lottery Wales. People's Health Trust is an independent charity investing in local communities to help create a society without health inequalities through funding, support and using evidence and learning to influence change. It works closely with six Community Interest Companies raising money through The Health Lottery.

Butterfly Soup is part of our funders Active Communities initiative:
Active Communities is a funding programme for local people with great ideas about how to help create fairer places to grow, live, work and age well.

About Butterfly Soup activities:
We will meet every Monday at 7:30pm, starting 5th of February 2024. We will have one facilitator as a constant figure weekly and different co-facilitators visiting the project at various times to share their creativity with you. We will talk, have a cuppa, and do something creative. This usually involves a little movement, a little meditation and some visual arts.

This project is participant-led, which means you can have a say on what you’d like to happen each week. You can even just pop in and grab a cuppa if you don’t feel like ‘doing’.

This space is primarily about coming together, followed by getting creative and looking after our mental health.

We will have BSL communication Support available.

Ardour Academy hosts a welcoming and inclusive event known as "Butterfly Soup" LGBTQ+ Community Weekly Meet-ups every Monday, closely aligned with their mission of connecting people through the arts. These gatherings take place in the heart of Cardiff on Wellfield Road."Butterfly Soup" provides a safe and supportive space for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to come together, build connections, and celebrate their diverse identities. It's not just a meet-up; it's a community-building initiative that fosters inclusivity and acceptance.

Participants can look forward to a variety of activities, discussions, and artistic expressions that promote unity and understanding within the LGBTQ+ community. These meet-ups aim to provide a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Ardour Academy's commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and the arts shines brightly through "Butterfly Soup." It's a regular opportunity for people to connect, share experiences, and strengthen their bonds in the heart of the Welsh capital city.

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FAQ: Where is Ardour Academy located

Our address is on Wellfield Road, right in the heart of Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. You can find detailed directions HERE on our website.
We are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible at the moment and working hard to change this in the future.
We do however run some of our sessions in wheelchair assessable locations, and off live streaming of some of our classes/events. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss accessibility.

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