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Colombian-born dancer and choreographer Alexa has been teaching dance since the age of 15 and now teaches a range of classes for people of all ages across South Wales.

Trained in Colombia and then at Cardiff’s Rubicon Dance on the 2-year full-time dance programme, Alexa is trained in all forms of Latin dance as well as ballet, contemporary dance, street, hip hop, commercial and street jazz.

She founded her dance company Mundo Dance in 2012 and teaches a full programme of dance fitness classes in South Wales at the David Lloyd Club and Vale Resort as well as classes in a range of dance studios and other venues in the city. She also teaches advanced choreography classes and leads a number of public performances throughout the year.

Mundo Dance is a new dance fitness class created by Colombian-born dancer and choreographer Alexa. Mundo Dance is Alexa’s own unique choreography blending Latin dance styles like salsa, bachata, reggaeton, tango and cha cha cha with edgy hip hop and street moves.

Cardiff is the first place in the UK to introduce Mundo Dance and its popularity is set to grow as so many people enjoy the opportunity to dance without needing a partner! Classes will appeal to dancers and Zumba enthusiasts alike and is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced dancers.

The hour-long classes will give you the opportunity to learn new dance routines set to some great music while enjoying an energetic workout. Just wear fitness clothing and footwear and bring water and a towel as you are guaranteed to work up a sweat!

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Alexa: A Dance Luminary Igniting Passion and Fitness in South Wales

Hailing from the vibrant and rhythmic country of Colombia, Alexa is a dancer and choreographer who has not only mastered the art of dance but has also become a beacon of inspiration and fitness in South Wales. With a career that has seamlessly blended her Colombian heritage with her Welsh journey, Alexa’s impact as a dance educator and creator of Mundo Dance is nothing short of remarkable.

A Lifelong Love Affair with Dance:

Alexa’s love affair with dance began at a tender age. By the age of 15, she had already started sharing her passion with others through teaching. Her journey led her to explore diverse dance forms, mastering not only Latin dance styles like salsa, bachata, tango, and cha cha cha but also expanding her repertoire to encompass ballet, contemporary dance, street, hip hop, commercial, and street jazz.

From Colombia to Cardiff:

Alexa’s dance odyssey continued when she ventured from her native Colombia to Cardiff, where she honed her skills at Cardiff’s renowned Rubicon Dance. There, she underwent the rigorous training of a two-year full-time dance program, further enriching her dance vocabulary and artistic prowess.

Mundo Dance: A Fusion of Passion and Fitness:

In 2012, Alexa gave birth to her brainchild, Mundo Dance, a dance fitness class that fuses the sultry rhythms of Latin dances with the edgy dynamism of hip hop and street moves. Her unique choreography has made Cardiff the epicenter of this groundbreaking dance fitness experience in the UK.

Dance for All Ages and Levels:

What sets Alexa apart is her dedication to making dance accessible to all. Her classes cater to individuals of all ages and skill levels, from beginners taking their first steps on the dance floor to seasoned dancers looking to refine their moves. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a Zumba enthusiast, Mundo Dance offers an inclusive and energetic space for everyone to enjoy the joy of dance.

Energetic and Dynamic Workouts:

Alexa’s classes are not just about dance; they are exhilarating workouts that leave participants invigorated. These hour-long sessions provide the perfect blend of learning new dance routines set to captivating music while getting a full-body workout. Sweat is guaranteed, and the sense of accomplishment is priceless.

Expanding the Dance Universe:

Beyond her regular classes, Alexa also leads advanced choreography sessions and orchestrates public performances throughout the year. Her commitment to expanding the dance universe and nurturing local talent is a testament to her passion for the art form.

A Cultural Bridge:

Alexa’s journey from Colombia to Wales has not only enriched her dance repertoire but has also made her a cultural bridge, connecting communities through the universal language of dance. Her classes and performances celebrate diversity and foster a sense of unity and joy.

In summary, Alexa’s journey from a young Colombian dancer to a revered dance educator and creator of Mundo Dance is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and cultural fusion. Her impact on the dance and fitness scene in South Wales is profound, making dance not just an art form but also a pathway to health, happiness, and community. Alexa’s story continues to inspire and ignite the hearts of all who have the privilege of dancing to her rhythm.

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