Mat Roblin – Yoga Tutor

Mat: I love and get excited about Yoga. I’m an Ashtangi at heart. I believe that when people are flexible enough, they are capable of great things.

I’m a bendy so-and-so and as such I’m still working to build stability and strength. This also means I recognise the traps of sinking into flexibility rather yhan strength. There’s no Hiding, I’m watching

I had developed back problems which required surgery and procedures. After many years of nor addressing my back health, a brilliant friend suggested I try a yoga class and I gave it a go without any real expectations. I remember the apprehension of my first downward dog.

It wasn’t long before I felt a great improvement in my back and general health. Having found many rewards such as improved strength and focus, I quickly fell in love with the practise and the rest is history. I feel grateful to be at the right place and time in Cardiff’s vibrant yoga community and my only real regret is not starting my practise sooner.

Here’s some random trivia about me – I drink Buckets of Coffee.

Ardour Academy