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Mat Roblin

Mat Roblin

Mat: I love and get excited about Yoga. I’m an Ashtangi at heart. I believe that when people are flexible enough, they are capable of great things.

I’m a bendy so-and-so and as such I’m still working to build stability and strength. This also means I recognise the traps of sinking into flexibility rather yhan strength. There’s no Hiding, I’m watching

I had developed back problems which required surgery and procedures. After many years of nor addressing my back health, a brilliant friend suggested I try a yoga class and I gave it a go without any real expectations. I remember the apprehension of my first downward dog.

It wasn’t long before I felt a great improvement in my back and general health. Having found many rewards such as improved strength and focus, I quickly fell in love with the practise and the rest is history.

I feel grateful to be at the right place and time in Cardiff’s vibrant yoga community and my only real regret is not starting my practise sooner.

Here’s some random trivia about me – I drink Buckets of Coffee.


#About Mat:

Mat: The Yoga Enthusiast Who Found Strength and Healing

Within the heart of Cardiff, where Ardour Academy flourishes as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to connecting people through the arts, there exists an individual whose journey is an ode to resilience, transformation, and the power of yoga.

Meet Mat, a passionate Ashtangi and dedicated yoga practitioner who has discovered that true strength lies not just in flexibility, but in the balance between strength and suppleness.

The Ashtangi Spirit:

Mat’s heart beats to the rhythm of Ashtanga yoga, a dynamic and physically demanding style that emphasizes breath, movement, and meditation. His dedication to this practice reveals his belief that when individuals cultivate flexibility, they unlock the potential for greatness in their lives.

A Journey of Flexibility and Stability:

Mat proudly identifies as a “bendy so-and-so,” acknowledging his natural flexibility. However, he recognizes the importance of balancing this flexibility with strength and stability. It’s a lesson he’s learned through his yoga journey—how to harness the power of both suppleness and stability, ensuring that one doesn’t overshadow the other.

No Hiding, Only Watching:

Mat’s self-awareness is a cornerstone of his yoga journey. He acknowledges that in the pursuit of flexibility, there can be a temptation to sink into it without nurturing the necessary strength. His practice is a constant reminder that balance is key, and he remains vigilant in observing his own progress.

From Back Problems to Yoga Healing:

Mat’s journey to yoga was paved with challenges, particularly in his back health. Years of neglect led to back problems that required surgical intervention and various procedures. However, it was a brilliant friend’s suggestion that led him to the yoga mat, with no grand expectations but a willingness to give it a try.

The First Downward Dog:

Mat vividly recalls the apprehension of his first downward dog pose—a foundational yoga asana. It was a moment of stepping into the unknown, of testing the waters of a practice that would soon become an integral part of his life.

Yoga: A Path to Transformation:

As Mat’s yoga journey unfolded, he experienced remarkable improvements in his back health and overall well-being. The rewards of his practice extended beyond physical benefits to include enhanced strength and unwavering focus.

TransformationIt didn’t take long for him to fall head over heels in love with the practice, and from that point forward, his connection with yoga became a steadfast part of his life’s narrative.

A Grateful Yogini:

Mat’s yoga journey has led him to a place of gratitude. He acknowledges that he is fortunate to have found yoga at the right place and time within Cardiff’s vibrant yoga community. His only regret is not embarking on this transformative practice sooner.

Coffee and Life:

In the tapestry of Mat’s life, there’s a thread of coffee that adds a dash of uniqueness. He unabashedly admits to being a “bucket of coffee” enthusiast, a quirk that infuses a sense of character into his journey.

In conclusion, Mat’s yoga journey is a testament to the remarkable power of yoga to heal, transform, and strengthen not only the body but also the spirit. His story serves as an inspiration to all who seek balance and resilience, reminding us that flexibility, strength, and self-awareness are the building blocks of a harmonious life.

Mat, the yoga enthusiast, is a living embodiment of Ardour Academy’s mission to connect people through the arts, even when that art is the graceful dance of yoga on the mat.

“Sara & Tara are so lovely. Very welcoming, patient & friendly. Love the salsa classes here. Highly recommended.” – Lisa Marie 

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