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Sara Sirati

Sara Sirati

Sara: nothing in life quite managed to fulfil me or make me feel satisfied until I discovered dance again as an adult.

I loved my gymnastic and dance classes as a youngster, but dancing as an adult had more of a purpose! I knew I wanted to keep fit, I needed an escapism and I wanted to be around people I had things in common with and that would inspire me.

Life has its ups and downs and dance has been my best friend throughout it all. It has never let me down and it has always managed to make me feel better. It pushes me to my limits and helps me connects to others and myself.

Even though I have always danced, and love all genres, Kizomba is my passion and what I love the most. I love teaching Kizomba and I strongly believe that everyone can dance. You just have to find the style you like and a teacher that believes in you.

I have loved teaching Kizomba for the past 7 years across the Uk and on an international level and performing as often as I can.
My classes are fun, supportive and I strive to create a sense of community and an extended family.

Here’s some random trivia about me- I love heights, nothing makes me happier than the wagging tale of my dog and watching my cat walk, like she owns the whole room. I love tea, and I’m secretly an introvert.


#About Sara:

Sara Sirati: Dancing through Life with Passion and Purpose

In the heart of Cardiff, where Ardour Academy weaves a tapestry of art and culture, there exists a remarkable individual named Sara Sirati. Her journey through the world of dance is a testament to the transformative power of movement, the resilience of the human spirit, and the profound connections forged on the dance floor.

Rediscovering Dance:

Sara’s story is a familiar one to many—a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment that found its guiding star in dance. While she cherished her gymnastic and dance classes as a youngster, it was as an adult that dance took on a deeper purpose in her life. The allure of dance beckoned to her with promises of fitness, escapism, and a community of kindred spirits who would inspire her along the way.

Dance as a Lifelong Companion:

Life, with its myriad ups and downs, found Sara turning to dance as her steadfast companion. Unlike other pursuits, dance never failed to bring her satisfaction and solace. It became her anchor during turbulent times, a reliable source of joy, and a means of connecting both with others and with her own inner self.

The Heartbeat of Kizomba:

Within the diverse world of dance genres that Sara adores, Kizomba holds a special place in her heart. It’s more than just a dance; it’s her passion. Teaching Kizomba has become an integral part of her life, and she firmly believes that dance is an art accessible to all. For Sara, Kizomba is the key to unlocking the rhythm within each individual, and she is a dedicated advocate for this mesmerizing dance form.

A Dance Educator and Performer:

Sara’s commitment to Kizomba extends to her role as an educator and performer. Over the past seven years, she has shared her love and expertise in Kizomba across the UK and on an international stage. Through teaching and performing, she invites others to discover the joy and magic of dance.

Building a Dance Community:

Sara’s classes are more than just dance sessions; they are a vibrant community. Her approach is characterized by fun, support, and inclusivity. She nurtures a sense of belonging and family within her dance circles, fostering connections that extend far beyond the dance floor.

The Trivia that Makes Sara Unique:

In the symphony of her life, there are charming notes of trivia that add depth to Sara’s narrative. Her love for heights, the joyful wagging tail of her dog, and the regal strut of her cat all reveal the simple pleasures that bring her happiness. And amidst the dance and daily life, there’s room for tea, a comforting elixir that soothes the soul. Sara’s secret identity as an introvert reminds us that even those who shine brightly on the dance stage can have moments of quiet introspection.

In conclusion, Sara Sirati’s journey through dance is a testament to the power of movement, community, and the unwavering belief that everyone can dance. Her story within the embrace of Ardour Academy exemplifies the organization’s mission to connect people through the arts, reminding us all that dance has the extraordinary ability to heal, inspire, and bring people together in a shared rhythm of life.

“Sara & Tara are so lovely. Very welcoming, patient & friendly. Love the salsa classes here. Highly recommended.” – Lisa Marie 

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