Cristina Sciarrillo – Yema Dance

I am a Performance Artist and the Creative Director of Yema Dance, an Afro-Brazilian Dance Platform, based in Cardiff, South Wales.

In 2008, I started a degree in Performance Studies and Sceneography at Aberystwyth University. I then continued onto my Masters in Practising Performance and Theatre Studies.

I specialised in the connections between Ritual and Performance, basing my research on a dramaturgy known as, The Dance of the Orixá. An Afro-Brazilian Performer Training Technique created by the late Augusto Omolú.

My passion for the work took me to Brazil, where I partook in an intensive course and this gave me the groundings to start creating my own work. I fell completely in love with this form of Theatre Anthropology and love nothing more, than to share it with others. To give back the happiness and joy I feel when I dance, The Dance of the Orixá.

Yema Dance is used as a platform, to introduce participants to these dance practises. To enable them to play, to create characters and to learn about discipline of training. To celebrate and to have fun. To work with differing energies, intensities, gradients, speed and depth of action. This platform is a learning space and one that I am looking forward to sharing with all of you!

Random fact about myself- I am obsessed with WWE. I have been since I was about seven years old and my hero is Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart!

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