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Tara Sirati

Tara Sirati

Tara: I have grown up in a family where dance and music were a strong part of our upbringing, although I never gave much thought or attention to either!

I was dragged to a Kizomba class 7 years ago and I immediately fell in love with it! I understood the music and felt a buzz after each dance. Kizomba opened up my world to other types of dancing where I have met the most amazing people and friends for life.

I have assisted Sara with her Kizomba classes for a number of years, and I am very excited about teaching again! My love for Kizomba has now grown beyond dancing and onto DJing.

I am an Engineer by day so I may not be able to dance every night or DJ every week, but when I do get the opportunity; I grab it hard and do it with my heart and soul!

Here’s some random trivia about me- I played the saxophone growing up and I am absolutely in love with pens!!


#About Tara:

Tara Sirati: Weaving the Rhythms of Life through Dance and Music

In the heart of Cardiff’s Ardour Academy, where art and culture converge to connect people through the arts, there resides a remarkable individual named Tara Sirati. Tara’s journey through the world of dance and music is a testament to the profound impact these artistic expressions can have on one’s life.

A Family Tapestry of Dance and Music:

Tara’s upbringing was woven with threads of dance and music, elements deeply embedded in her family’s traditions. These art forms flowed like a melody through her early years, even though she didn’t initially pay them much attention.

The Kizomba Revelation:

It was a serendipitous moment seven years ago that would change the course of Tara’s artistic journey. She was reluctantly dragged to a Kizomba dance class, a genre of music and dance originating from Angola. To her surprise, she experienced an immediate connection to Kizomba.

The music resonated within her, and with each dance, she felt an electrifying buzz of energy.

A World of Dance and Lifelong Connections:

Kizomba became Tara’s portal to a vibrant world of dance and the gateway to forming deep connections with like-minded individuals. Through this enchanting dance form, she forged bonds with the most amazing people who would become lifelong friends.

Kizomba, with its sensual and rhythmic movements, opened her heart to a realm of artistic expression she had never anticipated.

From Assistant to Instructor:

Tara’s passion for Kizomba grew stronger with each passing year. She dedicated herself to the art and honed her skills to a point where she became an assistant to Sara, sharing her love for Kizomba with others.

The dance floor transformed into her canvas, and she reveled in teaching and nurturing fellow dancers on their own journeys.

The Evolution to DJing:

Tara’s love for Kizomba transcended the dance floor and extended to the realm of music itself. She discovered a new passion: DJing. The rhythmic tapestry of Kizomba music became her palette, and she used her skills to curate musical experiences that would transport dancers to another world.

In her dual roles as a dancer and DJ, Tara immersed herself in the captivating synergy of music and movement.

Balancing Engineering and Artistry:

By day, Tara is an engineer, a profession that requires precision and logic. This contrast between her analytical work and her expressive artistry is a testament to the multifaceted nature of her identity.

While she may not have the opportunity to dance every night or DJ every week due to her professional commitments, when the moment arises, she seizes it with unwavering passion, infusing every step and note with her heart and soul.

A Symphony of Trivia:

In the symphony of Tara’s life, there are notes of trivia that add unique melodies to her narrative. She shared that she played the saxophone during her formative years, further deepening her connection to the world of music.

Additionally, her affection for pens, a simple yet cherished item, speaks to her appreciation for the finer details in life.

In conclusion, Tara Sirati is a living testament to the transformative power of art, music, and dance. Her journey, from a reluctant dance class attendee to a passionate Kizomba dancer and DJ, is a story of how the arts can awaken the soul and connect people across cultures and backgrounds.

In the heart of Ardour Academy, Tara’s presence adds a vibrant note to the symphony of life, reminding us all of the profound beauty that lies within the world of dance and music.

“Ardour academy is a beautiful studio; clean and well equipped, there are excellent teachers and a fantastic variety of classes and events on offer. Sara who runs the studio is super friendly, welcoming and passionate, she always creates a relaxed and warm environment at the studio. We are lucky to have this dance school in Roath, thank you Sara, please keep up the excellent work.” – Kim Noble

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