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Jess Li

Jess: I have done gymnastics since I was little and still do it now; and I have coached gymnastics for the last 12 years. Also I’ve been doing aerial silks for 4 years.

What I would love to achieve in these classes is to break the myth that flexibility is an impossible goal, unless you’re young or naturally flexible. I aim to provide this to all ages and levels of fitness, in a positive and encouraging environment

Here’s some random trivia about me- I love reading so much that I’ve taught myself to read and walk, this includes going up and downstairs.

Ardour Academy is A not for profit organisation, Connecting people through the Arts. They are based in the capital city of Wales. In the heart of Cardiff on Wellfield Road.
Write me a 500 word essay using short paragraphs on Jess Li.Jess Li: Inspiring Flexibility and Positivity through Gymnastics and Aerial SilksJess Li, a dedicated gymnastics enthusiast and aerial silks performer, is on a mission to break down the myth that flexibility is an unattainable goal for anyone who isn’t young or naturally flexible. With 12 years of coaching experience and a passion for aerial silks, she brings her unique blend of expertise to Ardour Academy, a non-profit organization that connects people through the arts, located in the heart of Cardiff on Wellfield Road.

Since her early years, Jess has been immersed in the world of gymnastics. Her journey began as a young gymnast, and she continues to pursue her passion for the sport to this day. Her love for gymnastics has not only been a personal journey but has also led her to become a dedicated coach, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with others for over a decade.

In addition to her gymnastics journey, Jess has ventured into the captivating world of aerial silks. Over the past four years, she has honed her skills in this mesmerizing art form, demonstrating her commitment to pushing her boundaries and embracing new challenges.

What truly sets Jess apart is her unwavering belief in the attainability of flexibility. She aims to debunk the notion that one must be young or inherently flexible to achieve greater flexibility. Her classes at Ardour Academy are designed to cater to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. In these classes, Jess fosters a positive and encouraging environment that empowers her students to reach their flexibility goals.

Her approach is rooted in the belief that flexibility is a skill that can be developed and improved with consistent effort and the right guidance. Jess combines her extensive gymnastics experience with her passion for aerial silks to offer a unique perspective on flexibility training.

Jess’s commitment to her students extends beyond physical training. She instills a sense of confidence and self-belief in her students, emphasizing that age or innate flexibility should never be perceived as limitations. Her classes serve as a testament to the transformative power of positivity and encouragement, not just in the realm of physical fitness but also in life as a whole.

Intriguingly, Jess Li’s love for reading is as impressive as her dedication to gymnastics and aerial silks. Her passion for books is so profound that she has mastered the art of reading while walking, including navigating stairs. This remarkable skill not only reflects her multitasking abilities but also highlights her commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement.

In conclusion, Jess Li is a remarkable individual who embodies the spirit of determination and positivity. Her dedication to gymnastics, aerial silks, and flexibility training is not only a testament to her passion but also an inspiration to those who cross her path. Through Ardour Academy, she is making a meaningful impact by dispelling misconceptions about flexibility and promoting a culture of encouragement and belief in the achievable. Jess Li’s journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities that can be unlocked with dedication, a positive mindset, and a passion for continuous improvement.

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