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Sue: I have been dancing and continuing to study Argentine Tango for the last 18 years. Being one the first members of Tango Y Nada Mas – Cardiff (the first tango club in Wales) I have learned with some of the best visiting maestros from Argentina.

While living in Lanzarote I opened and taught a tango group. At present, I work with some of the most respected teachers, spreading my love for Tango. I have developed an understanding of both gender roles of the dance and my aim as a teacher is to provide tools to enable dancers to enjoy and develop their own style in this amazing dance.

here’s some random trivia about me: Coming from Italian background I like cooking and eating together with family we love to bring friends into that meal to share with love of being together along with good wines of course. I love bright colours; they make me happy

Ardour Academy is A not for profit organisation, Connecting people through the Arts. They are based in the capital city of Wales. In the heart of Cardiff on Wellfield Road.Sue Pesticcio: Weaving the Passion of Argentine Tango

Sue Pesticcio, the Tango Tutor at Ardour Academy, is a testament to the enduring allure of Argentine Tango. Her remarkable 18-year journey through the world of Tango speaks to her unwavering dedication to this captivating dance form. As one of the pioneering members of Tango Y Nada Mas in Cardiff, the first tango club in Wales, Sue has honed her skills with some of the finest maestros from Argentina.

Sue’s Tango odyssey took her far beyond the borders of Wales. During her time in Lanzarote, she not only embraced the dance but also opened and taught a tango group, sharing her passion with others. Her commitment to Tango has transcended geographical boundaries, allowing her to collaborate with some of the most respected teachers in the field.

One of Sue’s unique strengths as a Tango tutor lies in her profound understanding of the intricate gender roles within the dance. Tango is not just about movements; it’s a language of expression where partners communicate through every step and embrace. Sue’s mission as a teacher is not merely to impart technical skills but to provide her students with the tools to find their own voice within this mesmerizing dance.

Sue’s approach to teaching Tango is rooted in the belief that it should be an enjoyable and deeply personal experience. She fosters an environment where dancers can explore and develop their unique style, nurturing their connection to the music and to each other. Her classes are a celebration of the rich history and cultural significance of Tango, giving students the confidence to express themselves authentically on the dance floor.

Beyond her passion for Tango, Sue’s Italian background has kindled her love for cooking and communal meals. Gathering around the table with family and friends to share a meal is not just a tradition but a heartfelt expression of togetherness. Sue extends this warmth and hospitality into her Tango community, where the bond formed on the dance floor often spills over into shared meals and laughter.

Sue’s vibrant personality is mirrored in her love for bright colors. To her, these hues are more than just a visual delight; they serve as a reflection of her inner joy and zest for life. In her world, the vivaciousness of Tango is intertwined with the vividness of colors, creating an environment where happiness is not just experienced but shared.

In conclusion, Sue Pesticcio is more than a Tango Tutor; she is a passionate ambassador for the art of Argentine Tango. Her journey from the early days of Tango Y Nada Mas to teaching across borders has made her a pivotal figure in the Tango community. Her teaching philosophy, steeped in the appreciation of Tango’s gender roles and the importance of personal expression, has inspired countless dancers. Sue’s ability to infuse her Italian heritage into her Tango world, from shared meals to the love of vibrant colors, adds a unique and heartwarming dimension to her role as a Tango tutor. Through her, the passion of Argentine Tango continues to weave its enchanting spell, connecting people through the art of dance.

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