Tef – Salsa Tutor

Tef Jansma teaches beginners/improvers Salsa every Wednesday at Ardour.
Here’s a little about him

“Dancing for me used to be just some random bouncing on monotone beats with a beer in my hand. Some 5 years ago that changed. At that time a friend of mine was down after he got dumped by his girlfriend. I saw an online advert for a try-out salsa class so I convinced him (“I will be your wingman!”) to try it. We both ended up doing a 10-week beginner’s course. I never stopped ever since…

These days most of us spend their days sitting, staring at a computer screen and (trying to) use our heads. Dancing salsa is so energising for me because it is all about doing exactly the opposite: to move, connect with your dance partner and to feel the music. I think it’s the perfect anti-stress medicine, while also meeting many new friendly faces and staying fit at the same time!

I think everybody is able to learn salsa! In the classes we are breaking footwork and figures down step by step. We frequently high-ten and rotate dance partners so you will feel home and happy within no-time. We also don’t just drill routines in a predefined schedule – the speed is adjusted to the students’ needs, and everybody receives personal attention. Give it a try: come learn salsa and have fun with us!

Here’s something you may not know about me:
As a kid I failed my swimming diploma twice because I was too chicken to open my eyes underwater to find a shoe at the bottom of the swimming pool. Luckily third time’s a charm!”

Eddie Hunt teaches Salsa every Wednesday at Ardour Academy.

Here is a little about him:

“In my mind I was born in 2003 when I discovered the world of salsa.

After travelling around both England and Europe experiencing different dance styles and a variety of salsa teachers, I started my own salsa night as part of Abanico Salsa.

Both my dance and teaching styles are based around having fun and a clear understanding of good leading and following techniques. I am continually trying to refine and improve this, to ensure the students get the most out of each lesson and dance.

Something you may not know about me:

I used to be a football official and officiated at national/conference league level. (One level below professional football).”

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