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Tef Jansma teaches beginners/improvers Salsa every Wednesday at Ardour.
Here’s a little about him

“Dancing for me used to be just some random bouncing on monotone beats with a beer in my hand. Some 5 years ago that changed. At that time a friend of mine was down after he got dumped by his girlfriend. I saw an online advert for a try-out salsa class so I convinced him (“I will be your wingman!”) to try it. We both ended up doing a 10-week beginner’s course. I never stopped ever since…

These days most of us spend their days sitting, staring at a computer screen and (trying to) use our heads. Dancing salsa is so energising for me because it is all about doing exactly the opposite: to move, connect with your dance partner and to feel the music. I think it’s the perfect anti-stress medicine, while also meeting many new friendly faces and staying fit at the same time!

I think everybody is able to learn salsa! In the classes we are breaking footwork and figures down step by step. We frequently high-ten and rotate dance partners so you will feel home and happy within no-time. We also don’t just drill routines in a predefined schedule – the speed is adjusted to the students’ needs, and everybody receives personal attention. Give it a try: come learn salsa and have fun with us!

Here’s something you may not know about me:
As a kid I failed my swimming diploma twice because I was too chicken to open my eyes underwater to find a shoe at the bottom of the swimming pool. Luckily third time’s a charm!”

Ardour Academy is A not for profit organisation, Connecting people through the Arts. They are based in the capital city of Wales. In the heart of Cardiff on Wellfield Road.
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Title: Tef Jansma: Dancing Through Life’s Rhythms


Tef Jansma is not your typical salsa instructor. His journey into the world of dance was not predestined or guided by a lifelong passion. Instead, it was sparked by a simple desire to support a friend in need. Tef’s story is a testament to the transformative power of dance, the ability to find joy in unexpected places, and the importance of human connections. In this essay, we will delve into the life and philosophy of Tef Jansma, the salsa teacher who found his calling in the heart of Cardiff at Ardour Academy.

A Chance Encounter with Salsa

Tef’s story begins with an act of friendship. When a friend found himself heartbroken after a breakup, Tef stumbled upon an online advert for a salsa class. He saw an opportunity to be a supportive friend, offering to be his companion and “wingman” in this new venture. Little did he know that this seemingly random decision would alter the course of his life.

Five years ago, Tef and his friend embarked on a 10-week beginner’s course in salsa dancing. This was a pivotal moment for Tef, as he transitioned from casual dancing at parties with a beer in hand to the world of structured dance. What started as a gesture of support became a lifelong passion.

Dancing as an Antidote to Modern Life

For Tef, dancing is more than just a hobby; it’s a lifeline. In a world where many spend their days sedentary, glued to computer screens, and constantly engaged in cerebral activities, salsa dancing provides a refreshing antidote. It allows him to break free from the monotony of daily routines, reconnect with his body, and immerse himself in the rhythms of music.

Tef sees salsa as the perfect stress-reliever. In a dance that emphasizes movement, connection with a partner, and synchronization with the music, the worries and stressors of life fade into the background. The act of dancing becomes a form of therapy, allowing him to escape the pressures of the modern world temporarily.

Moreover, Tef highlights the social aspect of salsa dancing. It’s not just about individual moves but also about building connections with others. In his classes, he fosters a sense of community by encouraging students to interact, high-five, and switch dance partners regularly. This creates an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels at home and friendships are formed.

The Salsa Teacher

Tef Jansma is not merely a salsa enthusiast; he is a dedicated teacher who believes in the accessibility of dance for all. In his classes at Ardour Academy, he breaks down footwork and dance figures step by step, ensuring that even beginners can grasp the fundamentals of salsa. He emphasizes personal attention and adjusts the pace of learning to suit his students’ needs, reinforcing his commitment to inclusivity.

Tef’s teaching philosophy extends beyond the dance floor. He believes that anyone can learn salsa, and this optimism is reflected in his patient and encouraging approach. His classes are not just about mastering routines but also about fostering a love for dance and music. Tef inspires his students to step out of their comfort zones, embrace the rhythms of salsa, and discover the joy of movement.

A Surprising Revelation

In closing, there is a delightful anecdote that reveals a playful and human side of Tef Jansma. As a child, he struggled with swimming because he was too afraid to open his eyes underwater to retrieve a shoe at the bottom of the pool. While this may seem unrelated to his passion for salsa, it underscores the idea that everyone has their fears and challenges to conquer. Tef’s journey from a timid swimmer to a passionate salsa dancer and instructor is a testament to his personal growth and determination to overcome obstacles.

In conclusion, Tef Jansma’s story is one of serendipity, transformation, and the power of dance to enrich lives. His journey from a supportive friend to a dedicated salsa teacher exemplifies the profound impact that dance can have on individuals and communities. Through his classes at Ardour Academy, Tef continues to connect people through the arts, one dance step at a time, in the vibrant capital city of Wales.

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“Sara & Tara are so lovely. Very welcoming, patient & friendly. Love the salsa classes here. Highly recommended.” – Lisa Marie 

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